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Social Media position in the Sales Funnel to your Website

Social Media position in the Sales Funnel to your Website

Social media can be used a variety of ways depending upon your business, amount of time you can dedicate, it’s relevance to your audience, and how creative you are.  Social media is not a “one-size” fits all application;  every channel has unique strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  One thing you can count on for sure?  Constant change!  If you’re a business who wishes to unfold the many…

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Ten reasons why your business needs a digital strategy

Ten reasons why your business needs a digital strategy

leaning tree digital marketingMarketing is about reaching people.  Technology aids in getting that  job done.  Technology advances have led to, and continue to mark major marketing milestones.  The printing press, radio, and TV are examples of technology breakthroughs that changed marketing forever.  At their highest points, they were cutting-edge technology that ONCE HAD the capacity to reach the largest numbers of people.


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Local Vocal turned 2 today!  Check out my blog, website, and let me know what you think?  

Free tool for gathering info about your customer

Free tool for gathering info about your customer

survey monkey logoIf you’re interested in gathering information about your customers and have never heard of “Survey Monkey,” you may want to.   Like many apps, Survey Monkey offers a free and a few different “pro” versions to choose from.  I would stick with the free version until you get the hang of it, but encourage a look into the “Select Option” at some point.  (At $26 per month, the “Select Option” is the…

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Independent We Stand for Small Business

Independent We Stand for Small Business

entrepreneurs change the worldLast month celebrated “National Small Business Week,” an event designed to celebrate the ‘risk-takers’ who make the wheels of the economy turn.  Only a small handful of businesses supported by the SBA, NASA, Dept. of Commerce, Treasury Dept. and other federal agencies were honored.  More than 28 million small businesses employ half of the private sector workforce and create nearly 2 out of every…

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LinkedIn for Business Opportunities

LinkedIn for Business Opportunities

images (1)There are obvious reasons for creating a LinkedIn personal profile, but with the addition of company pages, this social site goes far beyond connecting with people and sharing employment opportunities.

LinkedIn company pages are bountiful in business opportunities.  Here are a handful of them:

  • Opportunity to share company news, events and updates.
  • Share content and examples of your work.  (Adding…

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All Things Google: Places for Business

All Things Google: Places for Business


Every business should make it a priority to establish a Google Business Places Account.  Use a shared business email account for setup, versus setting up under a personal G+ account.   This way, multiple users can update your business listing.  Be sure your within Google Quality Guidelines.

Verify your business.  After creating a business places page, be sure to verify your business.  Doing this…

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Premium rental home and living features

Baby boomers and families with children may prefer suburban bungalows, single-family house rentals with a yard and storage space.  Young professionals might prefer the downtown urban loft or condo for a more social experience. 

Landlords of high-end, premium rentals present a unique combination of features that may be appealing to those who appreciate luxury. However, amidst the hundreds of common rental homes and apartments, luxury space is more difficult to find. That is, unless you connect with a leasing/rental agency that specializes in these types of rentals.  

The My-Dwelling agency and landlords have a working relationship that get you into the perfect home quickly and with little to no effort on your part.  Ah, music to the ears!  The less time spent shopping for a home means more time to put your feet up.

Common Rental Requests

  • Location.  Everything starts with location.  When searching for a rental, most consider proximity to work extremely important.  After long hours at work, who wants drive for hours to get home?
  • Size and Floor Plan.  How the new home space will be used and whether it will fit your lifestyle for the short or long-term is also important.
  • Basic Comfort.  Basic needs which include a clean, safe place, well-maintained and comfortable.  In Wisconsin, weather changes frequently.  Dependable air conditioning and heating units are typical requests.
  • Ease of access.  Busy people are always on the go!  Easy access to parks, shopping, schools, parking, and interstates are common requests.  At the end of the day, getting “to and from” as quickly and safely as possible is important to nearly everyone.

Sample features found in premium, luxury rental homes: 

  • Great views, unique architecture & modern décor
  • Hands-Free Maintenance and private parking
  • Security systems, gated communities & fenced in yards
  • Convenient social outlets, public transportation & fine dining
  • Flat screens, Wi-Fi & stainless steel appliances
  • Hardwood Floors, granite countertops & gourmet kitchens
  • Decks, bars & fireplaces
  • Pools, hot tubs and exercise facilities

For nearly 10 years, My-Dwelling agency has been on a mission is to help people through major life transitions and milestones by helping them find the perfect home.  Whether buying your home, selling your last one; renting an apartment, or becoming a landlord, you can count on their team of trusted advisors.  Become a “My-Dwelling Insider” and be the first to see new properties!

Measuring your business return on investment ROI

Measuring your business return on investment ROI

google logoIt’s important to be sure that the money you’re spending on advertising is leading to solid profits for your business.  Use website analytics information to monitor your progress.  You can use the abundance of information to help determine ROI, and tweak campaigns that aren’t performing as well as they should. With analytics, you’ll see real data, black and white, real numbers pertaining to how…

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Business Identity Theft and FraudIdentity thieves are on the rise, easily tampering with ATMs and public credit card readers with…View Post

Business Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity thieves are on the rise, easily tampering with ATMs and public credit card readers with…

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